World Economic Forum COVID-19 Action Platform

Page last updated March 19, 2020

What is the World Economic Forum COVID-19 Action Platform?

On March 11, 2020 the World Economic Forum (WEF) announced the launch of their “COVID-19 Action Platform” (CAP).

The global platform, the first of its kind, aims to convene the business community for collective action, protect people’s livelihoods and facilitate business continuity, and mobilize support for the COVID-19 response.

The platform is created with the support of the World Health Organization and is open to all businesses and industry groups, as well as other stakeholders, aiming to integrate and inform joint action.

The COVID Action Platform will focus on three priorities:

1. Galvanize the global business community for collective action.

2. Protect people’s livelihoods and facilitate business continuity.

3. Mobilize cooperation and business support for the COVID-19 response.

Why is it Possible to Prove that the WEF’s COVID-19 Action Platform is NOT What the WEF Claims it is?

This is possible because there is indisputable evidence and proof that documents how the WEF created the agenda for their COVID-19 Action Platform long before the first SARS-CoV-2 infection occurred in 2019. Even though the WEF makes it seem as if they came up with their whole CAP agenda just weeks ago, as the epidemic turned into a pandemic.

What is that “Evidence and Proof”?

To know what the WEF’s CAP agenda is, we have to look at the agenda itself. We have to look at the information that the WEF has included in this agenda.

The WEF’s CAP Introduction

On its website the WEF presents its CAP as follows:

Here you can already see that the WEF is up to much more than just helping with the global COVID-19 response.

How can we see that?

We have to look at the wording that the WEF uses to introduce their CAP:

  1. “Strategic intelligence”
  2. “Latest trends and research”

Understandably, this by itself does not necessarily raise red flags but it is crucial that this CAP introduction by the WEF is properly put in context.

What the wording, above, tells us is that the WEF wants to give information to “all businesses and industry groups, as well as other stakeholders, aiming to integrate and inform joint action”.

The WEF wants to give “the latest trends and research”. Of course, this information is not just a collection of news reports that the WEF randomly grabs from Google News or Reuters. It is information that is handpicked (articles, opinions, data) to maintain a narrative, a story line, that fits the WEF’s agenda.

Click here to see some examples of the WEF’s “latest trends and research”. They include these articles:

Naturally, an anti-Trump hit piece (above), regardless of your support or hatred for Trump, has nothing to do with “solving the coronavirus crisis”.

Naturally, also an advertorial for Biden (above), regardless of your support or hatred for Biden, has nothing to do with “solving the coronavirus crisis”.

Naturally, climate change, coal power and gender equality politics have nothing to do with “solving the coronavirus crisis”.

Yet, these and many more are listed as “strategic intelligence”.

Clearly, the WEF is trying to advance its own political, economic and social agenda that has nothing to do with “solving the coronavirus crisis”. We will get back to this, below (The Agenda).

As mentioned, the WEF also wants to give “strategic intelligence”. The WEF describes this as giving “strategic insights and contextual intelligence“.

Strategic intelligence is also described as follows, by Encyclopædia Britannica:

Strategic intelligence pertains to the collection, processing, analysis, and dissemination of intelligence that is required for forming policy and military plans at the national and international level.

“Intelligence that is required for forming policy”. What policy? Whose policy? Are the people – the public at large – involved in the policy making? Have the people the ability to study the internal WEF documents that are supposed to lead to new “policies”? If so, what are the mechanisms that the WEF has in place that enable the people to vote in favor of or to reject proposed policies?

As most people already know, however, the WEF does NOT have such mechanisms in place. There’s no mechanism that gives the whole world free and open access to all internal WEF documents. The WEF is an organization that is inaccessible to the public. Even a reasonably well-connected politician does not have access to all WEF documents. This by itself is reason enough to be wary of the World Economic Forum. What’s with this secrecy when it concerns “policies” that want to define the lives that we live?

The Agenda

With the above as the proper context we can now also properly interpret the agenda itself that the WEF wants to impose on the world. Impose, because in the end the public is not involved in the decision making. There’s no democratic, or better yet ‘omnicratic‘, system in place.

The internal documents, conveniently brought together in a fancy website, reveal how the WEF is going to use its influence over “1,000 leading companies in the world”, which all are WEF members and partners, to further solidify the de facto world government tyranny. – The Internet Militia

[These are the 633 known and confirmed WEF members]

Remember? The WEF’s platform is called “COVID-19 Action Platform”. “COVID-19“. It was allegedly created to solve the COVID-19 problem. The pandemic.

Now, lets explore “the agenda”. This is the frontpage of the agenda.

When you click around in the ‘interface’ (starts on the frontpage, linked above) of the agenda you will also encounter the following agenda items:


You will also encounter what The Internet Militia describes as “the WEF’s desire to control the public’s trust in the WEF through “MENTAL HEALTH” initiatives, that are funneled through legislators and multinationals”.

The question here, indeed, is: What do these COVID-19 Action Platform agenda items have to do with solving this coronavirus “crisis”?

“Nothing”, of course. These topics have nothing to do with providing “support for the COVID-19 response“. Nothing!

Why then are these on the agenda? Obviously, because the WEF is piggybacking on this pandemic to advance its own interests. What could possibly be an other reason? Think about that.

Now that we know that the WEF has its own agenda, hidden behind the ‘coronavirus response’, it suddenly makes sense why the WEF would include the above “trends and research” (that have nothing to do with “solving the crisis”).

They have manufactured this distorted narrative and now want to maintain that. They hope you will never find out that they have a very different agenda in mind than just helping poor COVID-19 patients.

They want full control over everything that has to do with economics. Everything. And you and I are not invited to reject or approve their proposals.

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