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Be alert when you watch the news and read the newspapers. Observe the world that you live your daily life in. Take notes. Take pictures. Make videos.

Take notes when you see patterns change that are seemingly out of your control.

Record statements made by government officials and institutions. Those are essential pieces of evidence or proof. Especially as we move towards materializing legal ramifications for those who have lied and deceived us all into these dystopian lockdowns.

Save and archive visual material such as photos, images and videos that are being disseminated by government officials, institutions, ‘think tanks’ and corporations.

Send us everything that you think might be of value in the courts of law:

Everything is potentially useful. Evidence and proof that you collect may not be of value in your personal situation or in your country but for others who also visit or participate on the COVID19 Response Platform it might by another dot that they can connect.

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