The COVID19 Response Platform was created in response to the World Economic Forum’s introduction of their COVID-19 Action Platform, through which they seek to further solidify the enslavement of society.


The COVID19 Response Platform is the root of a movement that creates awareness about the real COVID-19 agendas that are hidden behind the fearmongering and the propaganda that is being disseminated by the United Nations, the World Economic Forum (which organized Event 201, a simulation of the actual ‘pandemic’ today just weeks before the 2019 coronavirus outbreak started), the World Bank, the totalitarian EU construction, national governments and ‘think tanks’ (gaggles of apparatchiks on the payrolls of narcissistic private financiers and power brokers).


The COVID19 Response Platform is being built also to provide whistleblowers with a base that will support them when they step forward with inside information that exposes the lies and the deceptions that are at the root of the global COVID-19 lockdown.

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