The Pandemic as a Stealth Attack on ALL Nations

ARTHUR F. WAYNE – When you want to control the entire planet – if you’re Bill Gates, the World Economic Forum, the UN, a revisionist zionist cult and/or an international banking cartel – but you know at the same time that you will never be able to invade all the nations that you would like to see destroyed then your only option is for those nations to destroy themselves and each other.

This manufactured pandemic hysteria is doing exactly that.

In world politics and corporate circles there’s no mercy. There are no real allies. Everyone there is out to make money no matter what (that’s the new religion, m-o-n-e-y). Lying, cheating, stealing, corruption, extortion, blackmailing, murder. All of it is daily routine.

But it’s obvious that the monostream media (the mainstream media and the coopted “alternative media”) is being used to sell a deceptive master narrative: There’s a virus. It’s deadly. No cure. Lockdown.

The fear for most people is not based on facts and real-world events that they witnessed or experienced themselves, but rather on information events. People heard something, saw it on TV, in the newspaper, on their Facebook timelines.

Must be real.

All hell breaks loose. More and more ‘truth seekers’ too fall victim to this massive deception and buy into the fear wave that prescribes national lockdowns and, thus, full enslavement of everyone – everywhere.

One after another, governments too fall victim to the fear wave because they heard of other governments locking down their countries.

Those who control the monostream newswires sit back and enjoy the show.

Not a single bullet was fired. Not a single soldier was sent into the trenches but the world goes on lockdown, everyone’s under de facto house arrest.

Not because they have to but because they heard so. TV is telling politicians to be very, very afraid and to take unprecedented action. The de facto world government and their scriptwriters are having a ball, the world is going bananas. They love it.This actually works!“, the new Stasi freaks say to each other, as they sip from their $2,000 champagne and finish that last piece of Maine lobster.

Economies grind to a halt. Tax systems are on the verge of collapse. The lockdowns cost money, lots of it. It’s not there. Governments respond with new austerity measures.

People get nervous, the lockdowns drag on while the number of infections is not being reduced AT ALL (it never could anyway, at least not with lockdown measures). People see their income fading away as they too resort to fresh debt. Just like their governments, debts they will never be able to pay off. They realize the lockdowns didn’t work and that they’ve been fooled into permanent slavery.

Entire nations destroy themselves from within, as the third world war officially kicks off because everyone is blaming other nations while not wanting to understand and admit who it really was that caused this global tyranny.

In such case, the de facto world government wins.

It’s checkmate!

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