Covid-19 and Genocide

KOEN JACOBS – If you still doubt the real severity of this situation that we all find ourselves in, not the one the media is trying to sell to you, let me remind you that we are at stage 6 (of 9) of a global genocide.

Stage 6 is the “organization” stage, where the extermination is being organized. Bill Gates his death vaccines (deceptively called covid19 vaccines) are a centerpiece of this genocide. He admittedly has no problem with ‘sacrificing’ 700,000 people, as the result of the rollout of his new covid vaccines, his words not mine.

What would you call it when a group of people deliberately kills 700,000 people on this planet? Genocide.

Stage 7, and I truly hope we never get this far, is the “persecution” stage. Meaning, that those who refuse to take Gates’ death vaccines will be persecuted and treated as if they are ‘terrorists’.

Stage 8 of this global genocide is “extermination”. Those who still fight back get exterminated.

Stage 9, the final stage, of this global genocide is called the stage of “denial”. Those who have committed all this evil will deny it ever happened.

History books will not even mention a shred of truth about this genocide. Think about that the next time you put your covid face mask on.

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