“Brits urged to buy a newspaper as industry grapples with ‘biggest ever crisis'” – Translation: They Are Losing the COVID19 Information War on the Internet. Keep Fighting Dear Netizens!

COVID19 RESPONSE PLATFORM – With more and more people around the world waking up to the reality of the covid19 plandemic, the mainstream media and their Western and Chinese government overlords are noticing that they are losing the information war that they themselves have started. Isn’t that ironic?

As a result, people in the U.K. are now being asked by the mainstream media and their government to go out and buy newspapers, allegedly only because “the industry” is losing money massively.

The lying press is so desperate that they also want to get rid of ad blockers online because their lies are no longer being sponsored sufficiently enough to keep their digital tyranny operational.

Sky News, April 18, 2020: Coronavirus: Brits urged to buy a paper as industry grapples with ‘biggest ever crisis’

Britons have been urged to buy a newspaper as the press grapples “with the biggest existential crisis in its history”.

The newspaper business has come under increasing strain amid the coronavirus pandemic, with falling advertising revenue and declining circulation.

Two of the UK’s biggest publishers have cut wages for staff in the latest round of measures to mitigate the impact of the crisis.

“Right now the news industry is doing a vital public service by giving important information to people as the pandemic unfolds.”

“National, regional and local newspapers are under huge financial pressure, largely because of plummeting commercial advertising on their printed pages and websites.

You see, most people who write for their own blogs in times like this don’t do it for the money. They do it because they see the dangers of slipping into Planet Stasi. They don’t want this to happen so they write and write and write for free just to get the word out in time. Before all hell breaks loose.

That’s a force of nature that you can’t stop as a government or the mainstream media, because unlike them individual bloggers and vloggers are willing to do it all for free. Really for the greater good. They’re not just pretending like the lying press.

Keep up the good fight dear netizens! We at the COVID19 Response Platform salute you.

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