REVEALED: News Media is Using Medical Mannequin(s) to FOOL You into COVID-19 Fear! No Ifs or Buts!

COVID19 RESPONSE PLATFORM – We’ve been saying it all along that the news media is not telling the public the truth about this whole Covid-19 situation. We’ve shown you how government officials refer to the ‘outbreak’ as a “live exercise”. Most people called us lunatics and extremist conspiracy theorists but all that name calling is now smashed back into hell where it came from.

Behold the Medical Mannequin

The news media is using medical mannequins in their covid-19 broadcasts to create the illusion that the outbreak is much worse than it actually is and that’s EXACTLY what we would expect from them when live exercises are being reported as actual cases of covid-19.

The following screenshots were taken from this video (of which we already have a copy in our archive in case it gets deleted from the internet) that was uploaded to Youtube by Channel 4 on March 31, 2020. The Channel 4 video is titled “New York coronavirus cases surge – hospitals struggle to cope“.

Please, tell us that what is laying on the bed in the images below is a real human of flesh and blood. Try…

Click the image to enlarge.

If you’re not sure what you should be looking at, let us help you. Click the image to enlarge.

What you see in the images above is the exact same medical mannequin as the one below, which is used by military personnel to practice. The ‘haircut’ too is exactly the same.

You can no longer deny this massive deception by the news media.

Ask yourself this. If the ‘outbreak’ was actually so very bad as the news reports claim, why in the world would they be needing medical mannequins to convince you that their false stories are true?

Are people dying of covid-19? Sure, we can believe that. The death rate after all is 0.1% to 0.15%. Exactly the same as what you would expect in any flu season.

People dying ‘from’ or ‘with’ covid-19 are of course two very different situations and that’s not even taking into account the other causal factors.

Admit it. You’ve been deceived by the same news media that tells you to stay home and to shut up!

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