U.K. COVID-19: The BBC and the Government Were Caught Deceiving the Nation on LIVE Television

COVID19 RESPONSE PLATFORM – Someone sent us a video of a BBC broadcast wherein they claim that the U.K. government needs approval from the families of COVID-19 patients who have died, in order to add their death to the statistics.

As the person who uploaded this video earlier points out, the U.K. government is deceiving the people of the United Kingdom with this.


There’s no way that there’s a ‘law’ that forbids the creation of statistics without getting the consent from families involved, since there’s no personal data being revealed in any way.

For instance, this government document is the report for the U.K.’s seasonal flu. It’s literally all about the statistics, similar to the statistics that are being created for “COVID-19” in the country, as the following graph too confirms.

We don’t believe for a second that the government actually went out of its way to get the consent of all the families whose loved ones have died just because they want to create seasonal flu statistics.

Whether the government is trying to downplay the situation or is resorting to this kind of deception for other reasons is not fully clear at this moment, since the COVID-19 information war has already spiraled out of control a long time ago.

What is sure though, based on the above BBC broadcast, is that the government in the U.K. is trying to change the rules and the laws while everyone is looking the other way, because too many inconvenient truths may be revealed if they don’t stop the free flow of information.

Whatever they are hiding or trying to force upon the people of the United Kingdom, it’s not in the people’s best interest. That much should be easy to understand for everyone.

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