[Video] “New York Man Searches Hospital for Coronavirus Patients… Can’t Find Any…”

COVID19 RESPONSE PLATFORM – This video was sent in by a reader (not the man in the video).

The video shows a man from New York walking around in the area of the New York Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital, on or around March 18, in search for signs of the coronavirus “pandemic”.

The news media claims that on March 18 there were about 1,900 confirmed COVID-19 cases in New York City. Obviously many more people went to the city’s hospitals to get tested in order to reach the reported number of 1,900 cases.

As of today, 484,062 people have been tested in the United States. Of this number 65,497 tested positive, 367,078 tested negative. This means that only 13% of the tests result in confirmed cases (it is not clear how the diagnoses were done, if only symptoms were diagnosed or if also lab tests were conducted for each test).

1,900 confirmed cases means that about 14,600 people were tested by March 18, in New York City.


The footage that you see where up to 9 ambulances are parked at the hospital seems to be showing just another day at the Presbytarian.

For instance, Wikipedia uses this photo of the New York Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital as illustration for its wiki page about the hospital. As you can see there are roughly the same number of ambulances parked there when this photo was taken sometime in 2011.

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