Temporary Changes to U.K. Mental Health Act Will NOT Be “Temporary”, WEF Agenda Indicates

COVID19 RESPONSE PLATFORM – Rethink Mental Illness writes that the UK Mental Health Act will be temporarily changed “because the government is concerned that Covid-19 will reduce the number of mental health professionals”, while in reality it will happen under the pretense of the World Economic Forum’s “COVID-19 response efforts”.

This is easy to conclude when you understand the World Economic Forum’s “COVID-19 Action Platform” agenda.

Every change that Rethink Mental Illness mentions is perfectly in line with the WEF’s agenda:

  1. Usually 3 people have to agree that you need to be detained. These are normally an approved mental health professional (AMHP) and 2 doctors. Under the new legislation the number of doctors is reduced to 1.
  2. Normally you can be sent to hospital for no more than 28 days. If your doctor thinks you need to be in hospital longer, they can tell the court. And the court can extend the section for further 28-day periods, up to 12 weeks at the most.Under the emergency measures there would be no 12-week upper limit. This means that you can be kept in hospital, under a section 35 or 36, for longer than 12 weeks.
  3. If you are accused or convicted of a crime, the court may feel that you need to be detained in hospital. Normally 2 doctors have to assess you and agree that you are so unwell that you need to be in hospital.Under changes to court orders Section 36, 37, 38, 45A, and 51 of the new legislation, you can be sent to hospital if 1 doctor says that you are unwell.
  4. • Under section 5 (2) of the Act a doctor can agree to hold you for up to 72 hours, and
    • Under section 5 (4) of the Act a nurse can agree to hold you for up to 6 hours.You can only be held after this time if a full Mental Health Act assessment is done, and professionals agree to further detain you. This will usually be under sections 2 and 3 of the Mental Health Act.The emergency legislation will extend these powers, so you can be held for an increased time.
  5. Under the Mental Health Act if you are a prisoner you can be transferred to hospital. This happens if 2 doctors think this is the best thing for you, because of the nature of your mental disorder. The Secretary of State for Justice must consent to the transfer.This power is under section 47 of the Mental Health Act.The emergency legislation says that only 1 doctor needs to recommend the transfer of you from prison to hospital.
  6. Under some sections of the Act, your doctor can only continue to authorise your treatment without your consent if a SOAD agrees. SOAD means ‘second opinion approved doctor’. For example, under section 3 of the Act you can be treated against your will for 3 months. After 3 months, your doctor can only authorise treatment for you without your consent if a SOAD agrees.Under the change, your doctor will no longer need a SOAD to agree before continuing to authorise treatment that you don’t consent to.

Now, most people may not immediately understand this situation and will even deny that these changes are for other purposes than dealing with the COVID-19 ‘problem’.

In its agenda the World Economic Forum makes it very clear that it wants control over the mental health of the world population. That includes the people in the U.K.

Under the terms of these “temporary” changes Big Pharma, through the WEF’s COVID-19 Action Platform, will be able to control the ‘rules’ that the doctors follow. Rules that will be imposed by the government, as a WEF member.

You really have to look at the whole WEF agenda to see how this puzzle piece fits in the bigger picture. They are trying to completely reshape society. A reset. From local governance to Wall Street racketeering.

These changes will not be temporarily and they will put the power to determine mental health policy in the hands of even fewer entities, i.e. corporations that pretty much already ‘own’ the governments. Not just in the U.K. These corporations are some of the WEF’s 1,000 members (“1,000 leading companies in the world”).

If this was not so. Why then is mental health also in relation to the public’s trust in the WEF listed as an agenda item of the WEF’s COVID-19 Action Platform?

“…the WEF’s desire to control the public’s trust in the WEF through “MENTAL HEALTH” initiatives, that are funneled through legislators and multinationals”.

What does the public’s trust in the World Economic Forum have to do, in any way, with stopping the COVID-19 outbreak? Nothing… of course.

“Temporary” will not be temporary. Bank on it.

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