COVID-19 Mockery: Wikipedia is Now One of Microsoft’s Sources for Reliable Data

COVID19 RESPONSE PLATFORM – Folks, they are turning this into a mockery. They are openly admitting, through their actions and narratives, that they – the de facto world government – don’t give a damn about you and that they are going for a full and global lockdown. A world dictatorship, if you will. With the full consent of most people on this planet, without those folks knowing that they are being deceived massively.

Microsoft’s Bing launched a COVID-19 tracker, similar to Johns Hopkins’ platform.

As of this writing Bing claims that there have been 349,807 confirmed cases so far. Johns Hopkins claims it’s 349,211.

About Johns Hopkins we already know that their data is false, since their data includes tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of cases where infections were/are “diagnosed by using lung scans of symptomatic patients”, while “lung scans are an imperfect means to diagnose patients. Even patients with ordinary seasonal flu may develop pneumonia visible on a lung scan.”

As for Bing’s propaganda platform, the sources that they use for their “tracker” are highly suspicious at best.

  1. The CDC: Has already been caught manipulating their flu statistics. Seasonal flu data for 2019-2020 includes data/cases from 2018.
  2. The WHO: Has been exposed as it was assisting in the manipulation of the pandemic bonds mechanism.
  3. The ECDC: Is the WHO’s European parrot or mouthpiece. Pick one.
  4. Wikipedia: Is known to spread lies and fabrications on a daily basis.

Are we supposed to take Microsoft and Johns Hopkins University their data serious after all of this?

Put your thinking caps on, folks!

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