Bizarre: As the Truth About #RealCOVID19 is Being SUPPRESSED EVERYWHERE, “Covidiot” Goes Viral

COVID19 RESPONSE PLATFORM – This whole website and platform are dedicated to gathering, preserving and sharing the truth about the real, but hidden, COVID-19 agendas (#RealCOVID19).

Instead of sharing and paying attention to the information that we present, information that will actually save lives and protect people’s freedom and rights, the news media and its ignorant audiences are indulging themselves in smearing and dehumanizing those people who refuse to comply with the de facto world government’s COVID-19 dictatorship. This, eventually, is one of the reasons why we have slipped into stage 6 of the 9 stages of genocide. Look it up. Do something that is actually useful during your imprisonment in the world’s first global open prison system – COVID-19 lockdown.

Covidiot“. It’s the centerpiece of one of the new smear campaigns aimed at everyone who dares to question the de facto world government’s oppression of the world population.

One of the Urban Dictionary “definitions” for covidiot states:

A dense creature who ignores simple instructions and put life of others in danger. Also a dimwit who doesn’t read news from trusted source

Trusted sources? Surely the news media, be it mainstream or alternative, cannot be considered trusted sources. None of their news outlets have, so far, had the courage to respond to the COVID19 Response Platform’s emails and messages.

Complete silence.

They can’t and dare not even write a hit piece in which they would try to (try to) ‘debunk’ the with evidence and proof backed up claims that we make here on the Platform.

And that is how truth dies first. It’s the same in every war.

Make no mistake about it. These are wars on your sanity and your remaining freedom – a physical war and an information war.

Either defend what is left of your rights and freedom and fight to regain what was taken from you or lose it all in a matter of weeks.

Do you have the courage to think about and carve out your legacy at these crossroads in our lives? How will you be remembered when all this insanity and oppression is over? As a cowardly slave or as an honorable warrior?

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